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Arguably the best roster in the entire world
Consists of young talents and well known names


Roee Feldman

640px-Flag_of_Israel.svg (1).png


Elite mentality. Always striving for titles and big wins. Roee is someone that will send you the Champions League anthem at 3:00AM and tell you how many days are left until the tournament starts.
He won't stop until reaching the 1st place in the FIFA FGS rankings. 

Naseem Eissat

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The best possible 2V2 partner. Not only a great 2V2 player but also a world-class 1V1 player.
He is someone that can surprise every opponent in the world and that is also a reason why he finished as the #1 of Israel last year in FIFA21 and also #6 in the EU.
A player with a clear idea and vision, hard-working and always looking to improve. 

Group 3.png

Yuval Beli

640px-Flag_of_Israel.svg (1).png

Yuval Beli

One of the best players in the world in terms of attacking. He can let look at the most difficult things to do as the easiest things to do.
At his young age, he is already one of the best players in the world and he also shares the same goal as Feldman: to become the absolute #1. 


Or Yzhak

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Need a FIFA Puskas goal of the year award? Call Or Yzhak. His magic ingame is unmatched.
When a game looks like it's blocked and there is no way to score, he could do 3 rainbow flicks, elasticos, heel to heel, and score the goal you need.

Group 2 copy.png
Layer 1.png

Almog Bet Yaakov

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Almog is someone that can beat anyone out there. Someone that always finds a plan B, C, D, and also E if his game is not going his way.
A player with a strong mentality of never giving up until the ref doesn't blow the final whistle, Almog will always try to score the winning goal. 

Sagi Tesler

640px-Flag_of_Israel.svg (1).png


From the Academy to become the Kita Champion, by beating the European champion Chousita, beating the XMAS Cup champion "HHezerS" and many other world elite players like Obrun and Bonanno.
A young prospect who is always willed to learn and become a better player until reaching the world elite. 

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