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Zero Tenacity win NOM Invitational #1

It was a super close final match, but they managed to do it!

Zero Tenacity are the winners of NOM Invitational #1! They beat Rapid Ninjas 2-1 in the Grand Finals to do it.

Four teams from the Eastern Europe region were invited to the first NOM Invitational hosted by us, which was a VALORANT tournament that took place from July 19-20. There was a $500 prize pool.

The first matchup was between NOM Junior and Lenovo Legion Honvéd. This was a great start to the tournament, although it didn’t quite go our way. Lenovo Legion Honvéd won a quick two maps, only losing eleven rounds combined, to advance to the Upper Final. With the loss, NOM Junior drop to the Lower Bracket Semifinals.

The second matchup of the day was also a great matchup, which was Zero Tenacity against Rapid Ninjas. The first map was extremely close and went into overtime, with Rapid Ninjas winning 14-12. Rapid Ninjas quickly sealed the next map, with a 13-3 win, advancing them to the Upper Bracket Finals. On the other hand, Zero Tenacity dropped to the Lower Bracket Finals with the loss.

The third matchup was a great one between NOM Junior and Zero Tenacity in the Lower Bracket Semifinals. Although it was a 2-0 in favor of Zero Tenacity, the final score doesn’t always show the full picture of the matchup. Both maps had the same score of 13-10, with Zero Tenacity winning both, but NOM Junior fought really hard and came close. With the win, Zero Tenacity move to the Lower Bracket Finals. With the loss, this means that NOM Junior are unfortunately out of the tournament.

The fourth matchup of Day 1 was the Upper Bracket Final, which saw two Hungarian teams in Lenovo Legion Honvéd and Rapid Ninjas go against each other. This was a very one-sided matchup the whole series, with Rapid Ninjas winning the first map 13-4 and the second one 13-6. With the win, Rapid Ninjas advanced to the Grand Finals, while Lenovo Legion Honvéd still had another chance in the Lower Bracket Finals.

Day 2 action began with the Lower Bracket Finals, where we saw a very exciting matchup between Lenovo Legion Honvéd and Zero Tenacity. The first map went to Lenovo Legion Honvéd, who took a 13-8 win. Zero Tenacity kept on pushing and fighting and it paid off, with them winning the next map, a 15-13 victory in overtime. It all came down to map 3, which was Ascent, for a spot in the Grand Finals. Zero Tenacity kept their momentum going and won 13-8, advancing to the Grand Finals. With the loss, this meant that Lenovo Legion Honvéd were out of the tournament.

The Grand Finals was another great matchup, which saw Rapid Ninjas against Zero Tenacity. The first map was a pretty close one, with Zero Tenacity winning 13-11. They were up the whole game and Rapid Ninjas almost made an insane comeback, but Zero Tenacity pulled through and won the map. The next one wasn’t quite as close. Rapid Ninjas stunned Zero Tenacity by winning 13-3. The next and final map was a really close one. Rapid Ninjas started off hot and took a 4-0 lead, but things slightly cooled down after that. Rapid Ninjas were up 7-5 at half. Again, Rapid Ninjas started of well, winning two straight, and they were looking really good. However, Zero Tenacity had other plans. They won the next seven out of ten rounds to force overtime, where they won a quick two rounds. The final score was 15-13, in favor of Zero Tenacity!

What a tournament! Great job to all the teams and players!

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