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NOM Esports invited to VCL East: Surge

The league consists of ten of the biggest organizations in Eastern Europe

NOM Esports has been invited to VCL East: Surge, which is the Valorant Challengers League for the Eastern Europe region. The first stage of the league will start on January 12th and conclude on March 12th. The winner of the league will qualify for the Ascension tournament.

Our journey in Valorant started in 2021 when we signed our first roster. We made our name known throughout the European scene this year.

In 2022, we competed in VRL East: Surge with a European roster and had great results. We also helped develop the local Israeli Valorant scene by hosting numerous tournaments, academy team, and community hubs.

Soon we'll announce the roster that will compete in the upcoming Valorant Challengers League: East Surge 2023. For now, we can say the roster will hold 5 Israeli players.

It's time to show everyone what Israelis are capable of in the esports and Valorant scenes at a high level. Thank you, PLE, for the invite!

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