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NOM eSports will be playing in the first LAN international event in FIFA since the start of COVID19

NOM eSport qualified for the FGS(FIFA Global Series) TOTS Cup the 2v2 World championship,

The players who will represent NOM eSports at this tournament are Naseem Eissat and Yuval Belizovski.

The TOTS Cup is the concluding tournament of the 2v2 competitive season in EA Sports FIFA, which is the first year of 2v2 gameplay in competitive FIFA.

The tournament will be taking place in London, England, and will be the first international tournament being held since the start of COVID19 in FIFA.

The players qualified for the TOTS Cup after winning the entire FGS Open Frankfurt region and were crowned the champions of East Europe.

All the action will be covered on NOM eSports official social media channels: Instagram Twitter and Youtube.

Be sure to tune in and watch and support our players in their journey in the TOTS Cup from the 29th of April - to the 1st of May

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