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NOM Legion announce new roster changes ahead of MEDUSA Series

Our female VALORANT team, NOM Legion, has announced the signings of two new players and a coach.

The two new players joining us are Daphne “bdaph” Bachar and Arbenita “Flawless” Kurtajas, as well as coach Miguel “kewzy” Morgado.

bdaph previously played for LUNE Girls Gaming and KARMA. In NOM Legion, she will play the Controller role.

Flawless also has quite a resume up her sleeve. Some of her former teams include instalocked and Equinox. In NOM Legion, she will be playing in the Initiator role.

Standing in for the MEDUSA Series Tournament will be Thykuza. She previously played for Fuego.

The new coach joining NOM Legion is kewzy. He has a slew of experience as a player and IGL and this will be his first time coaching.


🇮🇱 Julie

🇮🇱 LizA


🇸🇪 Flawless


🇮🇱 D1ana

🇵🇹 kewzy

We wish the girls good luck in the upcoming tournament!

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