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NOM eSports announce NOM Legion

עודכן: 15 ביוני 2022

NOM eSports are happy to announce their female Valorant roster in cooperation with Lenovo Legion

After a successful collaboration in the last season which led to professional successes, with the development of young players under the Lenovo Legion Academy, and the professional management of NOM Esports, it was decided to continue the collaboration for another year.

As part of the partnership, the Legion brand is represented in the NOM complex with 30 computer stations: 20 stations of Lenovo Legion T5 computers in the main complex and 10 more stations of Lenovo Legion T7 computers in the VIP complex. Within a few months, the club managed to add a leading team in the title Valorant from Riot Games which is currently ranked 23rd in Europe and will compete in the Eastern European League (VRL East: Surge) which will start on 11/05.

Now, along with Lenovo Legion, the club is launching a new female team at Valorant. Under the team will play 3 Israeli players and 2 foreign players. The team has already started competing in the Riot Game Changers Tournament and is the only Israeli team that managed to qualify for the last 32 stage which will take place on 02/05/2022. Today the group is ranked 46th in Europe - the record ranking for an Israeli group.

The first players to join were LizA (Elizabeth Lubovin) and Julie (Meitar Karni), both Israeli players who have previously participated in European tournaments under teams abroad and who bring with them a lot of experience to the team, which could be seen already in the early stages.

They are joined by D1ana (Diana Romanetsev) who was first discovered at the Lenovo Legion and NOM Gaming Academy, a training program for beginner and intermediate gamers held last summer. During her time at the academy she recorded a significant improvement and today she is an important factor in the composition of the group. The team is closed by two foreign players named bunny (Hungary) and Forgotten (England).

Shahar Meir, CEO of NOM eSports: "It has been 9 months since we announced our expansion into Valorant , and already in a short time our professional team has managed to put NOM in the European top in both the male's team and now also in the female's team. These achievements could not have happened without the support of Lenovo Legion, who give us their back and support in every move. The secret to success is collaborating with the right people and we are glad we have strong partners like Lenovo by our side. Today, under the heading of Valorant, we have about 16 professional players and about 9 of them are Israeli players and players who grew out of our training programs. We will continue to work hard to grow more players and strengthen our community. "

Sivan Polak Yahel, VP of Marketing for Novo Israel: “After a successful year, we have chosen to continue our collaboration with NOM and we are proud to promote gaming as a competitive sport and to support the growing gaming community in Israel. We are here to accompany and empower the community over time while offering them the best equipment. We have set ourselves the goal of promoting competitive sports in Israel, and in particular - promoting the female presence in it. The academy has allowed us to give a stage to female players with an emphasis on gender balance in the team, and we are happy to see Diana develop as a professional player. That was exactly the purpose of the academy. "

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