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NOM eSports announce VALORANT academy team NOM Juniors

NOM eSports are excited to announce the signing of a new VALORANT academy team called NOM Juniors, or NOM JR.

The team is made up of Saar "UndeadXP" Israeli, Itai "Zneva", "Rave", Aviv "SWAY" Raz, and Ofek "splinter" Cohen. The head coach is Gadiel "recent" Edri. The whole roster is from Israel and will try to conquer the global scene under the Israeli flag. UndeadXP is a veteran Valorant player and will be playing the Controller role for NOM Juniors. His past teams have included Mercury, Catalyst Esports, and of course LeMagicians, where he won the NOM Overwolf Juniors: 2022 tournament, which took place back in April. Zneva is a master in all games, formerly playing Rocket League and Fortnite. On NOM Juniors, he will be playing the Flex role. His previous team was AbstracT, who placed second in the NOM Overwolf Juniors tournament. Next up is the youngster Rave. Previously playing for Finest Origin and Mercury, he has a bit more experience than the others, even at the early age of fifteen. He will also be playing the Flex role for NOM Juniors. SWAY is a veteran FPS gamer, previously playing CS:GO. His previous teams in Valorant include ReviveMeJett and X9tion. He was also on the winners of the NOM Overwolf Juniors tournament, LeMagicians. On NOM Juniors, he will play the IGL role. Rounding out the roster is splinter. He is another young player, but already has accomplished a lot, including #1 Radiant in EU. His previous teams include Team Sinful, Mercury, and AbstracT, who were the runners up in the NOM Overwolf Juniors tournament. The head coach for the roster is recent. A former IGL, recent is another very familiar name in the Israeli Valorant scene, previously playing for sLDe and ReviveMeJett. This will be his first time coaching, and we are confident he will lead the team to great heights. NOM's Head of Valorant nightmareK on NOM Juniors: "I'm proud to be part of this project and working with talents like them, super fast learners, such a protentional, their future will breach the sky mark my word" We wish NOM Juniors good luck and are confident they will take the Israeli scene to the next level!

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