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NOM FIFA cap off successful eChampions League 2022 season

NOM FIFA have capped off a successful season in the eChampions League!

The journey started all the way from the group stage, which took place from February 19th to February 20th. NOM's YuvalBeli and Roee Feldman both had the opportunity to compete in it. Through five rounds, Yuval went 3-2 and Roee went 4-1, which was good enough to place them both in the top 32, therefore qualifying them for the next round, the Knockout Stage.

The Knockout Stage took place from April 23rd to April 24th and was held on LAN in Stockholm, Sweden. The top eight players would qualify for the Finals next month. This was a good opportunity for the boys to show everyone watching their talent and they definitely did! YuvalBeli started off the day against LevideWeerd from Team Gullit. Yuval won the game 5-2. He continued in the Winners Bracket, going up against Matias from Team Heretics. It was a close game and Matias won 4-3. This meant Yuval was eliminated from the Winners Bracket but would still have a chance in the Losers Bracket. His first matchup in the Losers Bracket was against ditmir_4897 from 1. FC Köln. Yuval had no trouble facing off against the German and easily won 7-4. His next matchup, which was against Giovhy from Unione Calcio Sampdoria, was a bit of a harder one, but Yuval prevailed and won 4-3. Unfortunately, Yuval lost the next round against Denii_10 from Leno Esports. The score was 5-3 and Denii_10 qualified for the Finals. After all these rounds, Yuval ultimately placed 10th and took home $5,000. Roee Feldman started off the day against Andonii from Movistar Riders and the score after regulation was a tie of 3-3, so it went into a shootout and Roee won with a final score of 4-2. His next matchup was against FNATIC Diogo. It was an easy one for Roee and he took the 5-2 win. In his next matchup, he went up against Tekkz from FNATIC and lost 0-2. Tekkz qualified for the Finals from this matchup. This meant it was Losers Bracket time for Roee. His first and only matchup was against Michael from LDN UTD. It was a good one, with a score of 3-1 in favor of Roee, and from this win Roee qualified for the Finals.

The Finals took place a month later in Stockholm, but this time the stakes were much higher as there was a $225,000 prize pool and the top three players would clinch a spot in the Global Series Playoffs in July. Roee Feldman started the day in the Losers Bracket with a game against Denii_10. Roee won the game 6-4. His next matchup was against Umut from RBLZ Gaming. This game was closer, but Roee played better and took the win 3-2. His next matchup was a tough one, going up against the Argentinian Matias in the Losers Semifinals. Matias won 6-4 through two games and a shootout at the end. With the loss, this unfortunately meant that Roee was out of the tournament. He played very well and ultimately placed fourth, taking home $20,000.

We are super proud of Yuval and Roee for their performances throughout the whole tournament!

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