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NOM FIFA place first in Frankfurt FGS qualifiers

עודכן: 6 ביולי 2022

NOM FIFA have placed first and won the FIFA Global Series Open in Frankfurt!

There were sixteen cities throughout the world which hosted an FGS tournament. NOM FIFA players NEissaT14 and YuvalBeli were competing in the one in Frankfurt, Germany.

NOM FIFA's first matchup in the tournament, which took place from December 8th to December 12th, was against FC St. Pauli. NOM had no problem with this one, shutting them out and winning 4-0.

The next matchup, which was the quarterfinals, was against S04. This was another easy matchup for NOM, as they won 6-1. NOM continued onto the semifinals, where they played FOKUS and again had no problem with this matchup. They won 6-2 and advanced to the Winners Finals.

The Winners' Finals was NOM's closest matchup this whole tournament. They were up against Borussia. The final score of the game was 3-2, with NOM taking the victory and advancing to the Grand Finals, where they would play the winner of the Losers Final.

In the Grand Finals, NOM were once again up against Borussia, but this time it was a total blowout for NOM. They won 7-1 and therefore won the Frankfurt FGS Qualifiers.

With the win, NOM advanced to the Team of the Year Cup, but it was cancelled. However, each of the thirty-two qualifying teams took home $15,625 and the teams all qualified for the upcoming Team of the Season Cup.

We are super proud of NEissaT14 and YuvalBeli for their first place finish in these qualifiers!

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