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NOM FIFA qualify for FIFAe Nations Cup 2022

After a Top 10 placement in the Europe FIFAe Nations Series Playoffs 2022, NOM FIFA have qualified for a spot in the FIFAe Nations Cup on LAN in Copenhagen in July!

The tournament sees players from twenty-four different countries all play against each other while repping their home countries! NOM, with players Roee Feldman, NEissaT14, and YuvalBeli, are all of course competing under Israel in the tournament. The long journey for NOM/Israel started in the Play-In Stage, where they competed in Conference 1. Through four weeks, NOM/Israel went 23-12-19 and finished with a total of 520 points, which were rewarded based on placement each week. At the end of the four weeks, this placed them seventh, advancing to the Online Qualifiers. As mentioned before, next up was the Online Qualifiers, which took place from May 19th to May 21st. There were a total of thirty-one teams or countries competing in this qualifier to try to get to the Playoffs. NOM/Israel were in Group B and went 9-3-2, which won them the Group and they got thirty points. After that, they got to play in the Winners Bracket, where they were up against Luxembourg. This was a close matchup, with regulation ending in a draw of 1-1. It went to a shootout, where NOM/Israel scored three goals and Luxembourg only two, which got them the win. With the clutch win, they now placed third, qualifying them for the Playoffs. The Playoffs took place about a month later, from June 16th to 19th. Again, the teams competing were divided into four groups, and this time NOM/Israel were in Group A along with France, Sweden, Scotland, and Ireland. The format for this was that the top four teams in each group would advance to the Winners Bracket, while the bottom teams would be eliminated. In the Group Stage, NOM/Israel went 2-1-5, which placed them in the top four and therefore advanced them to the Winners Bracket. The first matchup in the Winners Bracket was against Spain. This was a pretty close matchup, but Spain took the win, with a score of 4-2. NOM/Israel still had another chance in the Second Chance Bracket. Their first matchup was against Austria. This was a quite easy matchup and NOM/Israel won 3-0. Their next and final matchup was against France. This was a particularly good matchup and NOM/Israel won with a score of 2-1. Close game, but NOM/Israel got the win they needed! With the win, they placed ninth, which qualified them for the FIFAe Nations Cup, where we will see countries from all over the world competing with their best players. We are super proud of the boys' performance thus far in the tournament and wish them luck in Copenhagen next month!

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