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NOM FIFA take home $2,500 in TOTS Cup

NOM FIFA have placed 27th in the Team of the Season Cup, therefore taking home $2,500!

The tournament took place from April 29th to May 1st and teams from around the world were competing in it. The top two teams would qualify for the 2022 FIFAe Club World Cup. NOM qualified from placing first in the Frankfurt FGS Qualifiers. Playing for NOM were NEissaT14 and YuvalBeli. The format for this tournament was a Round Robin Format in the Group Stage and then Double Elimination in the Playoffs. NOM got placed in Group C along with Goliath Gaming, Atlanta United FC, and Complexity Gaming. NOM's first matchup was against Atlanta. It was a close match the whole way through, but Atlanta won 5-4. Next up for NOM was an elimination match, where they were up against Complexity. Unfortunately, NOM lost 3-6 and were now out of the tournament. They placed 27th and took home $2,500. We are proud of the boys for their performance!

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