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NOM VALORANT qualify for VRL East: Surge playoffs

עודכן: 14 ביולי 2022

We only had a 25% chance to make it coming into today, but things went our way!

NOM eSports have qualified for the VRL East: Surge playoffs for the second straight season! After a strong start to the season, NOM were looking good. However, after some losses, the road to the playoffs wasn't that easy anymore. Just this week, NOM added Drahomír "bobys" Pohořalý as a substitute due to circumstances and his entrance to the team couldn't have been at a better time! No, really. Although it was extremely stressful trying to add a fifth player and had limited time scrimming and discussing strategies, the team played really well, and we are extremely proud of their performance. To get to the playoffs, NOM had to win their final match against Zero Tenacity and TENSTAR had to win against Diamant Esports. These things both happened. Joining NOM in the playoffs, which start on July 1st, will be Anorthosis Famagusta Esports, TENSTAR, and Diamant Esports.

On Friday we will face TENSTAR in the Semi-Finals upper bracket.

Again, we are SUPER proud of everyone's performance during the whole season and especially during these last few stressful days. A huge shoutout to all the players and coach yaotziN!

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