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NOM Legion complete great debut season in VCT Game Changers

The team made history being the first Israeli core to place in the Top 16

NOM Legion have completed an amazing debut season in VCT Game Changers. The roster, which is made in partnership with Lenovo Legion, consists of Israelis Elizabeth "LizA" Lubovin, Meitar "Julie" Karni, and Diana "D1ana" Romanetsev, plus two foreign players rounding out the roster, with those being Barbara "bunny" Kovacs from Hungary and "Forgotten" from the UK. NOM Legion's first matchup in the tournament came in the qualifiers, which is a Best of 1 format, against GeeKay Esports Cherry. It was a solid performance by GeeKay, but NOM Legion got the win, 13-9. The next matchup was against WLGaming. This was a much closer and more interesting matchup. NOM Legion again got the win, this time with a score of 14-12. The third matchup of Day 1 of qualifiers was an Israeli derby against Finest Female. NOM Legion showed that they're the best Israeli core, beating Finest 13-6. That wrapped up Day 1 of qualifiers and NOM Legion was sitting at 3-0. Day 2 of qualifiers started with a match against BBL Queens. This was another pretty easy matchup for NOM Legion, as they won 13-8 and got their fourth win in as many games. The next matchup was against one of the best female teams, Guild X. It was a tough matchup for NOM Legion, and they lost 7-13. Their next and last matchup in the qualifiers came against Team LUX. NOM Legion rebounded well from the previous loss and won 13-8. Through two days and six games of qualifiers, NOM Legion went 5-1 and qualified for the Top 32. For the Top 32, which took place on May 2nd, the format was Best of 3s. NOM Legion's first matchup was against Mixance. Things started off rough for them, as they lost the first map 4-13. However, they rebounded well in the second map, winning 13-9. It all came down to the third and final map, which was Haven. NOM Legion went up 9-3 after the first half and things only got better from there, as they closed things out in the second half, winning the map 13-6. With the win, NOM Legion advanced to the Top 16 and played Nomads the day after, on May 3rd. This was a close matchup, with it going into three maps. Nomads won Map 1, with a score of 13-7. NOM Legion won the next map, 13-9, to tie things up. The score was now 1-1 and it all came down to Ascent. NOM Legion started off the map strong, winning eight rounds in the first half. Unfortunately, they couldn't get things going in the second half, only winning one round. The final score of the game was 13-8, with Nomads winning. NOM Legion this game made history being the first Israeli core to qualify and place in the Top 16. With the loss, this meant that NOM Legion moved down to the Lower Bracket. The first matchup, which was in Round 2 and on May 3rd, was a matchup against MIDAS. This was yet another three-map series for NOM Legion. They won Map 1, with a score of 13-8. MIDAS played much better in the second map, winning 13-7. NOM Legion took things back into their own hands with a Map 3 victory over MIDAS, with a score of 13-9. With the win, NOM Legion advanced to Round 3 of the Lower Bracket and was up against TENSTAR Nova on May 4th. This was a very tough matchup for them, as they only won four rounds through two maps. With the loss, they were now unfortunately out of the tournament and ultimately placed 16th. This was a great first tournament for the girls under NOM Legion and we are super proud of them! We are confident next tournament they will continue to perform well and make history as one of the strongest female Israeli teams!

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